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Preproduction on the film the conjuring streaming began in early 2011. James Wan was brought in as film director, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were hired for the roles of the Warrens, and Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor were confirmed to play the roles of Roger and Carolyn Perron. The film’s title was changed on multiple occasions, going from “The Untitled Warren Files Project” to “The Warren Files” and finally back to the original “The Conjuring.” In order to prepare for their roles, Wilson and Farmiga visited Lorraine Warren in Connecticut to glean as much information from her as possible.

Filming began in February of 2012 and was concluded in just a few weeks. The vast majority of production the conjuring streaming took place in North Carolina. Unusually for a film, all of the scenes were shot in chronological order. After months of editing, the final version of “The Conjuring” was completed in December 2012.

The opening scenes of the film are set in 1971, when the Perrons move into an old farmhouse in Rhode Island with their five daughters. Over the following few days, several mysterious events occur; the family dog is found dead, and Carolyn notices a bruise on her body after waking up. Roger is away on business in Florida, so Carolyn decides to call on famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Their investigation of the house reveals that an exorcism will be needed. Further inquiries reveal that a witch once owned the house and cast several spells on any future dwellers. One night when the Warrens are at the house looking to gather evidence, Lorraine falls into the cellar and sees the spirits of people who had been possessed by the witch in life. The Warrens send Carolyn and her daughters away from the house so that an exorcism can be performed, but Carolyn and two of her daughters make their way back to the house. There, Carolyn attempts to murder one of her daughters, but Ed performs an exorcism in order to allow the evil spirit to leave Carolyn and saves her daughter from death.

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